EDN Today and Yesterday

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EDN Today and Yesterday

The EDN website is a rich source of general information for documentarians around the world. Available, even if you are not a member – which you definitely should be to get all the service provided by the organisation.

For instance the newly published call for projects to be pitched online, this time projects ”From the Opposition”, deadline for submission May 2nd, check the website, from where this (edited) text is taken:

EDN Online Pitching is a pitching format based on an online video conference, where a limited number of documentary projects are pitched. For this pitching session EDN is calling for documentary projects from the opposition. The submission deadline is May 2, 2014 at noon.

EDN Online Pitching is an initiative where four documentary projects are pitched to a group of leading international financiers and decision makers... each session lasts one hour. This session, which will focus on documentary projects on 'the opposition', will take place on May 23, 2014 at 14:00-15:00 (Central European Time).

With projects from the opposition, we mean documentary projects done by or portraying people, groups or movements forming a social or political opposition. This can for instance be: 

  -  Political oppositions fighting for democratic rights

  -  Armed groups battling suppressing political leaderships

  -  Social movements trying to change current dominant structures.

For this session we plan to have the presence of 4 - 6 financiers and experts with a special interest and experience in human rights, political and current affairs documentaries. So far the following have confirmed their participation:

Iikka Vehkalahti, YLE, Finland

Ryan Harrington, Tribeca Film Institute, USA

This is EDN of today, if you want to hear a bit from the past, EDN has published an interview with its Member of the Month, Tue Steen Müller, who remembers the days of the fax machine in the office in the mid 1990'es.

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