EDN & DocAlliance join Forces

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EDN & DocAlliance join Forces

Here is an offer you can't refuse, taken from the EDN website: EDN is happy to announce that all members, who are part of the organization on April 12, will get free access to over 700 documentaries at Doc Alliance Films.

EDN and Doc Alliance Films will offer all members of EDN free access to stream the over 700 documentaries available at the web site. The offer will be available for current EDN members with a valid membership on April 12 and those joining the organization before this date. The over 700 documentary films at Doc Alliance Films will be available for streaming for three months. The free streaming period will start on April 16 and run until July 16 2013. is an online documentary distribution site offering access to a selection of over 700 documentary films from around the world, with an emphasis on European cinema. In addition to offering notable recent films, the website also functions as a film archive of important documentaries. This includes works by masters such as Ulrich Seidl, Jørgen Leth and Peter Mettler. Every month, expands its catalogue with the addition of up to 20 new titles. The films are selected on the basis of strict dramaturgic criteria, with an emphasis on their social and aesthetic value and signature style. Photo from Michael Glawogger's extraordinary "Working Man's Death", one of many classics at DocAlliance.

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