Karla's Arrival - for free

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Karla's Arrival - for free

Got a mail from Koen Suidgeest, whose touching film “Karla’s Arrival” has gone all over the world due to the director’s constant commitment and energy. Here it is, and here is the generous invitation to watch the film for free, this week:

Wondering whether you could help out. Today – March 15th – is the 4th birthday of Karla, the baby in my documentary Karla's Arrival. To celebrate, we're offering the film for free for a week through the below link. I am writing to some of my friends in the doc world to see if they wouldn't mind posting this on their own timeline.

Karla's Arrival is about a Nicaraguan teenage girl who lives on the street, is pregnant and plans to raise the baby under a tree in a park. The story starts shortly before birth and follows mother and child for 14 months.

This ITVS supported doc has been seen by some 4 million people, played at 35 festivals, was broadcast in 14 countries and won four international awards.

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