The Carnation Revolution Films

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The Carnation Revolution Films

The DocAlliance does now include 7 festivals with the inclusion of DocLisboa in the group. A welcome gift from Portugal is given to the users of DocAlliance, the vod that calls itself: Your online documentary cinema.

The so-called Carnation Revolution, in 2014 it is 40 years ago it happened, is the theme and 4 good films are available for free today and tomorrow, April 28:

”Good Portuguese People” from 1980, ”Tarrafal: Memories of the slow Death Camp” from 2010, ”25 April – an adventure for democracy”  (2000) and ”Another Country”.

If you only have time for one film you could take the latter, directed by Serge Trefaut. Here is the description:

The red carnations revolution in Portugal also known as the last romantic revolution of the 20th century was, for many, an unimaginable communist threat. For others, it was a lab of dreams and politics, an exciting place for young people and bright photographers and filmmakers. People like Sebastião Salgado, Glauber Rocha (photo), Robert Kramer, Dominique Issermann, Santiago Alvarez, Pea Holmquist, Jean Gaumy, travelled to Portugal and lived there until the party was over. What is left of this experience?

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