Documentary Conference in St. Petersburg

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Documentary Conference in St. Petersburg

It’s September 26-27 that an important documentary conference takes place in St. Petersburg. And you can sign up NOW by clicking the link below. It is for free and you can take part in person or via the internet. If you decide to come to St. Petersburg and you need an invitation for your visa application, contact the organisers, use the same link. The organisers are two wonderful people, who fight to better the the documentary conditions in their country: Ludmila Nazaruk and Viktor Skubey, I have previously promoted the website Miradox, link below. And the website for the conference is brilliant, professional and inviting!

So here is their presentation: “The organiser is DoxPro, the International Program for Documentary Professionals based in St. Petersburg Russia. DoxPro works “to facilitate economic and cultural cooperation between Russian and European documentary professionals, to create a wholesome environment for development of documentary as a creative industry in Russia.”

This is a countdown clock to the start of the Conference, which will be held within the frameworks of The XXIII International Documentary, Short, and Animated Film Festival "Message to Man".

We have invited the most advanced experts from the Northern Dimension countries:  Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Russia. They will share with you their unique experience, ideas and information regarding the new reality of documentary industry in the Northern Dimension area, and the existing funding sources for creative documentary projects. (Some names: Iikka Vehkalahti Finland. Jaak Kilmi Estonia. Vera Obolonkina 24Doc Russia. Gints Grube Latvia. Evgeny Grigoryev Russian Doc Guild and Grigory Libergal Russia. Maria Fuglevaag Warsinska-Varsi Norway… and many others, ed. Mikael Opstrup EDN and your blogger will moderate the sessions, short presentations and (hopefully) lively debates.)

Transmedia: what is it, what is to be thought about from a documentary point of view? Crowdfunding: an overview of platforms, what to think about, positive and negative examples. Case studies of crossmedia and webdocumentary projects. New and alternative ways of documentary distribution. These and many other topics will be covered at the Conference.”

Photo from one of previous activities of DoxPro, a meeting between Russian and Finnish documentarians.  

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