ARTE Europe – a New Initiative

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ARTE Europe – a New Initiative

… that you can only welcome because it brings – for free – some arte programmes, including documentaries, to you with English subtitles (or Spanish), not to all regions but to many. Not bad at all even if you have to live with the fact that many of the programmes are subtitled but also synchronized in German or French. If you want to avoid that irritation, find some documentaries which by origin are German and French so you get the original with the English subtitles – or Spanish. Here is a description of ARTE Europe from the site of ARTE:

“ARTE Europe is a project that ARTE is running with financial support from the European Union. It involves broadcasting a selection of ARTE programmes, with English and Spanish subtitles – as well as the channel’s legacy languages (French and German) – on the Internet.This selection will be available free of charge throughout Europe and, whenever possible, the world. It will comprise 600 hours of programmes in total, which will gradually become available from November 2015 to November 2016. ARTE in English and ARTE en español feature the channel’s flagship magazine shows, including ARTE Reportage and Tracks, with new shows going online each week. Documentaries, reports, and live recordings of performances also enhance the online offering. These different programmes showcase ARTE’s cultural and European identity, and the quality of its content. As linguistic diversity is part of Europe’s cultural richness, this ARTE Europe initiative is aimed at bringing Europe’s citizens a larger choice of high-quality TV programmes. ARTE Europe is an experiment in international broadcasting that bringscontent packed with cultural value to the continent.

ARTE is rebroadcast beyond France and Germany on many satellite and cable networks in Europe and worldwide. In total, over 165 million households can watch ARTE in Europe.

A large portion (56%) of the channel’s programmes is also available in Europe and around the world (depending on distribution rights) on the ARTE+7 catch-up platform.

ARTE programmes with English and Spanish subtitles are also available on a number of other media, inter alia including the ARTE application for connected television sets.”

Photo from available “Killing Time” that won award at Cinema du Réel in 2015, according to Hollywood Reporter “an observant and formally arresting non-fiction feature from Belgian director Lydie Wisshaupt-Claudel.


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