VOD for Arabic Creative Documentaries

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VOD for Arabic Creative Documentaries

I had the pleasure to meet Palestinian Reem Bader at the Antalya Film Forum earlier this autumn. She told me about the vod platform she was involved in building up. It looks great. Let me quote from the site:

”Welcome to Minaa video on demand VOD, the first in the world to specialize in harboring, streaming and celebrating Arabic creative documentaries. Each month, you will be introduced to creative docs that are new to Minaa collection and invited to join interactive events with directors. As not to miss an event, we encourage you to join Minaa mailing list and its social media channels.

This fall, Minaa is happy to present it’s newest feature: Collections

of docs curated by partners for you to explore. We also share with you new additions to our library, among those creative documentaries raising indispensable questions on home loss, preserving memories and reconstructing identities.

What happens when one is forced to leave their home and everything they belonged to behind? What does it mean to live in exile or a war that constantly changes features and never ends? What does it mean to care for a family in such a situation? Which values do you teach your children then?

Seven filmmakers from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, Algeria and Iraq are tackling these questions in their own creative style and we invite you and audiences worldwide to explore their significance. Because our stories really matter, so let’s tell and retell our history, face present adversities and raise our hopes, way high for a brighter future.”

I know several of the films, let me just mention a couple, to be recommended: ”Coffee for All Nations” by Wafa Jamail and ”Aisha” (PHOTO) by Asma Bseiso. And right now, for free, ”The One Man Village” by Simon El Habre, ” The film is followed by interviews with the team members, speaking about their experience and their role in the film including protagonist Semaan. A film that has travelled festivals all over.

Take a look and why not join - 5$ per month. 50$ for a year.


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