Nick Fraser to Receive BAFTA Award

Skrevet den 11-05-2017 08:41:45 af Tue Steen Müller

Nick Fraser to Receive BAFTA Award

My first reaction was ”oh, did he not get that already”, but no. But this year the former BBC Storyville editor is to get it, the Special Award at the British Academy Television Awards 2017. No objections!

Nick Fraser has been a name mentioned on filmkommentaren since we started almost 10 years ago. He has been a clever, often tough commentator at pitching sessions, he has commissioned classics as “Searching for Sugarman” and “Man on Wire”, he has written books and articles on the importance of documentaries in today’s society.

And he has – with Danish Mette Hoffman Meyer, producer Don Edkins and previously Finnish Iikka Vehkalahti – been behind the “Why”-series, like “Why Democracy” and “Why Poverty”, tv documentary series that went all over the world.

A press release came in yesterday from Yaddo, “the global online documentary platform” with Fraser as founder and editor. It was set up in 2016, interesting to see what he can get out of that.

I remember Nick Fraser from the 90’es, when he came to Bornholm to the Baltic Sea Forum. He was enormously positive to the Eastern European documentaries and their makers, and his commitment to Viktor Kossakovsky and his “Wednesday” was very important for this “documentary star”.


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