Best of DAFilms 2020

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Best of DAFilms 2020

The is an excellent vod for documentary lovers. Not only bringing new documentaries to their subscribers but also giving us a chance to go back in film history to pick important works. The seven members of DocAlliance, all of them festivals, deserve much credit for standing behind the vod, they are CPH:DOX, Doclisboa, Docs Against Gravity FF, DOK Leipzig, FIDMarseille, Ji.hlava IDFF, Visions du Réel. DAFilms celebrate its 15th year and have made a... "special program "Best of DAFilms" is created by the DAFilms viewers themselves according to what they watched and searched for the most this year. The year’s most highly rated films will be complemented by significant new releases handpicked from the catalogue by DAFilms curators as well as personalised recommendations for exceptional titles that you don’t want to miss. Among twenty select films include No Home Movie by Chantal Akerman and Walden by Jonas Mekas. The works of both these filmmaking celebrities were presented as part of two rare retrospective programs in 2020."

"2020 has been an exceptional year for the film industry in every way imaginable, from new productions and festivals to online distribution. Although this stress test brought upon the cultural sector by the pandemic continues, we still had the chance to see a lot of prominent titles and present retrospective programs in homage to several filmmakers. Among the most successful of them were screenings of films by Brazilian filmmaker Petra Costa and Canadian director Peter Mettler. And thanks to online distribution, several short films such as All Inclusive and Shooting Crows have managed to pique audience interest,” says the program’s curator, Veronika Likov, weighing in on this year’s activity.

And here is the list, go to the website and then to the titles to watch, it's pretty much cheap. Here is the list, I have highlighted those I would recommend you to watch. Make your own film festival:

The Border Fence (AT, 2018)– dir. Nikolaus Geyrhalter

El Mar La Mar (US, 2017) – dir. Joshua Bonetta, J. P. Sniadecki Exotica,

Erotica, Etc. (FR, 2015) – dir. Evangelia Kranioti

Bridges of Time (PHOTO) (LT, EE, LV 2018)– dir. Kristīne Briede, Audrius Stonys This

Movie Is a Gift (AT 2019) – dir. Anja Salomonowitz

Ama-San (PT, CH, JP 2016) – dir. Cludia Varejo

Baracoa (CH, ES, US 2019) – dir. Pablo Briones

Island of the Hungry Ghosts (UK, AU, DE 2018)– dir. Gabrielle Brady

Samuel in the Clouds (BE, NL 2016) – dir. Pieter Van Eecke

Before Summer Ends (CH, FR 2017) – dir. Maryam Goormaghtigh

Our Little Poland (PL 2019) – dir. Matěj Bobřk

Photographic Memory (US, FR 2011) – dir. Ross McElwee

The Prison in Twelve Landscapes (CA, US 2016) – dir. Brett Story

Teach (RO 2019) - dir. Alex Brendea

Come Back Free (EE 2016) – dir. Ksenia Okhapkina

No Home Movie (BE, FR 2015) – dir. Chantal Akerman

Walden (US 1968) – dir. Jonas Mekas

Undertow Eyes (BR 2009) – dir. Petra Costa

All Inclusive (CH 2018) – dir. Corina Schwingruber Ilić

Shooting Crows (CH 2018) – dir. Christine Hrzeler

A Man Returned (UK, LB, NL, PS 2016) – dir. Mahdi Fleifel

Abiding (NL 2019) – dir. Ugo Petronin


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