DAFilms launches ”Best Of” 2021

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An article by the always competent Vladan Petkovic in Cineuropa – link for the whole text below – gives me the opportunity to praise the DocAlliance platform as so many times before. Due to the pandemic, I guess, DAFilms has had ”a busy year in film for the platform, which has acquired a record number of films and mounted a wealth of retrospectives”. In other words, if I am right, the film lovers have turned to the home screen, small or bigger, as the pandemic have made them stay at home instead of going to the cinema or to the local festival. And/Or the platform has again offered great retrospectives of films by Minervini, Chytilova and Marc Isaacs. Anyway the platform offers superb access to high quality artistic documentaries for very little money.

And these were the best of DAFilms 2021:

Homelands [+] - Jelena Maksimović (Serbia) (2020) 

Point and Line to Plane - Sofia Bohdanowicz(Canada) (2020)
I Was at Home, but... [+] - Angela Schanelec(Germany/Serbia) (2019) 
Those That, at a Distance, Resemble Another [+] - Jessica Sarah Rinland(UK/Argentina) (2019) 
Exemplary Behaviour [+] - Audrius Mickevičius,Nerijus Milerius(Lithuania/Slovenia/Bulgaria/Italy) (2019) 
I Never Climbed the Provincia - Ignacio Agüero (Chile) (2019)
The Filmmaker's House [+] - Marc Isaacs (UK) (2020) 
The Viewing Booth - Ra'anan Alexandrowicz(Israel) (2020) 
Days in Sintra - Paula Gaitán (Brazil) (2007)
The Other Side [+] - Roberto Minervini(Italy/France) (2015) 
The Vodka Factory - Jerzy Sladkowski (Sweden) (2010) 
The Portuguese Woman [+] - Rita Azevedo Gomes(Portugal) (2019) 
Hashti Tehran - Daniel Kötter (Iran) (2016) 
Casa Roshell - Camila José Donoso(Mexico/Chile) (2017)
White on White [+] - Viera Čákanyová(Slovakia/Czech Republic) (2020)
The Kiosk [+] - Alexandra Pianelli (France) (2020) 
Comrades in Arms - Catarina Henriques(Portugal) (2021) 
The Blunder of Love - Rocco di Mento(Germany) (2021) 
Daisies - Věra Chytilová(Czechoslovakia) (1966) 
Extinction [+] - Salomé Lamas (Portugal/Germany) (2018) 

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