Awards of the 10th Aegean Docs

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Awards of the 10th Aegean Docs

The Best Foreign Film Award of 1.000 euros. Shared equally to:

Maija Isola (Finland), Leena Kilpelainen.


 Looking for Horses (Bosnia-Herzegovina/France),Stefan Pavlovic



Best Greek Film Award of 1.000 euros with the support of Greek Film Centre:

The Bet (Greece)Maria Leonida.

The Award of Best Production, 500 euros is awarded to:

Ksenia Gapchenko from Russia for the film “How to Save a Dead Friend” of the director Marusya Syroechkovskaya, Sweden/Norway/ France/Germany

Ksenia Gapchenko, with emotion, told us: 

«On February 24th a country where my mum was born and I spent my childhood, was attacked by the country of my father. For me it was a great tragedy. I decided to leave Russia. Since April I’m not living in Moscow, the city I once loved a lot. 

I condemn violence and war. I’m trying to start my life in Europe with my daughter, who is my support, love and the best companion.

I hope for peace in Ukraine and freedom for Russia».

Best short film award of 500 euros:

Menores (Spain),Juan Trueba

Honorary Distinction «10 years AegeanDοcs»

The jury of AegeanDocs awards the honorary distinction "10 years of AegeanDocs" to director Eva Stefani for her valuable contribution to the establishment of Creative Documentary in Greece.

Honorary Distinctions are also awarded to:

A Jewish Life(Austria), Christian Kermer & Christian Krienes, Austria for their contribution to saving the memory of the Holocaust 

The Other Half (Greece), Georgios Moutafis for his dedication to researching and documenting the refugee drama.

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