Anonymous: The Weather Balloon

What constitutes a documentary film? When is a documentary most trustworthy and/or true to actual facts? Can we depict reality without interfering? Do we WANT to depict reality without interfering? We will never stop argue about these things, but allow yourself four minutes with this excellent video which some will just call “footage” but which I will call a work of self-made art.

A weather balloon was sent up from somewhere in Denmark, equipped with an HD-camera and a microphone. The balloon went up to an altitude of 31 km (and a temperature of 71 degrees below). Upon landing the GPS system failed, so it took some time to find it in the water. Then somebody made these extracts and edited them together. The film is both self-reflective and avant-garde and is also raising implicit questions of a both humanistic and scientific nature. But above all it’s just breathtakingly beautiful.

Watch it here: and please tell me if I have lost my marbles.

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Mikkel Stolt
Mikkel Stolt
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