CPH:DOX 4 More Competition Lists

I have already posted the list of films in the main competition of CPH:DOX http://www.filmkommentaren.dk/blog/blogpost/5104/

– here comes the other competition films listed one after the other taken from the website of the festival…


16 films (shorts and features) including 14 world premieres, 1 international premieres and 1 European premieres.

  • Bruises (Ginan Seidl & Daniel Ulacia, Germany/Mexico, World Premiere)
  • Drifting Woods (Pia Rönicke, Denmark, World Premiere)
  • The Society of the Spectacle (Roxy Farhat & Göran Hugo Olsson, Sweden, World Premiere)
  • Burial of this Order (Jane Jin Kaisen, Denmark/Germany, World Premiere)
  • Into the Violet Belly (Thuy-han Nguyen, Vietnam/Germany, European Premiere)
  • The Secret Garden (Nour Ouayda, Lebanon, World Premiere)
  • Fat to Ashes (Pauline Curnier Jardin, France, World Premiere)
  • Insert Song (Kamil Dossar, Denmark, World Premiere) 
  • Pacific Club (Valentin Noujaïm, France, World Premiere)
  • Nothing Runs Like a Deere (Max Göran, Sweden, World Premiere) 
  • New Centuries are Rare (Coyote, Sweden/Denmark, World Premiere)
  • An Excavation (Maeve Brennan, UK, International Premiere)
  • An Asian Ghost Story (Bo Wang, Hong Kong/Netherlands, World Premiere)
  • The Departing Images (Ana Edwards, Chile/France, World Premiere) 
  • Levitate (Iván Argote, Italy/Spain/France, World Premiere) 
  • A Piece of Work (Deniz Eroglu, Denmark/Turkey, World Premiere)


11 films including 6 world premieres and 3 international premieres, 2 European premieres.

  • 20 Days in Mariupol (Mstyslav Chernov, Ukraine, European Premiere) 
  • Baghdad on Fire (Karrar Al-Azzawi, Iraq/Norway, World Premiere) 
  • Beyond Utopia (Madeleine Gavin, USA, International Premiere)
  • Blix Not Bombs (Greta Stocklassa, Sweden/The Czech Republic/Germany, World Premiere)
  • Breaking Social (Fredrik Gertten, Sweden, World Premiere)
  • Deep Rising (Matthieu Rytz, USA, European Premiere)
  • Phantom Parrot (Kate Stonehill, UK, World Premiere)
  • Praying for Armageddon (Tonje Hessen Schei, Norway, World Premiere)
  • Seven Winters in Tehran (Steffi Niederzoll, Germany/France, International Premiere)
  • The Hostage Takers  (Puk Damsgaard/Søren Klovborg, Denmark, World Premiere)
  • Victim/Suspect (Nancy Schwartzman, USA, International Premiere)


11 films including 8 world premieres and 3 international premieres.

  • Fighters (Jon Haukeland, Norway, International Premiere)
  • Heartist (Marianna Mørkøre, Beinta á Torkilsheyggi, Faroe Islands, World Premiere)
  • Hypermoon (Mia Engberg, Sweden, International Premiere)
  • Just Before Death (Anne  Regitze Wivel, Denmark, World Premiere)
  • Labor (Tove Pils, Sweden, International Premiere)
  • Lynx Man (Juha Suonpää, Finland, World Premiere)
  • Mrs Hansen & the Bad Companions (Jella Bethmann, Denmark, World Premiere)
  • A Silent Story (Anders Skovbjerg Jepsen, Denmark/Sweden, World Premiere)
  • Soviet Bus Stops (Kristoffer Hegnsvad, Canada/Denmark, World Premiere)
  • The Gamer (Petri Luukkainen/Jesse Jokinen, Finland, World Premiere)
  • Voice (Ane Hjort Guttu, Norway, World Premiere)


10 films including 5 world premieres, 3 international premieres and 2 European premieres.

  • Megaheartz (Emily Norling, Sweden/Norway, World Premiere)
  • Queendom (Agniia Galdanova, USA, International Premiere)
  • Silent Sun of Russia (Sybilla Tuxen, Denmark, World Premiere)
  • Smoke Sauna Sisterhood (Anna Hints, Estonia, European Premiere)
  • The Flag (Joseph Paris, France, World Premiere)
  • The Group Crit (Sille Storihle, Norway, International Premiere)
  • The Last Year of Darkness (Benjamin Mullinkosson, China/USA, World Premiere)
  • The Mountains (Christian Einshøj, Denmark/Norway, World Premiere)
  • The Tuba Thieves (Alison O’Daniel, USA, International Premiere)
  • Twice Colonized (Lin Alluna, Denmark/Greenland/Canada, European Premiere)
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Tue Steen Müller
Tue Steen Müller

Müller, Tue Steen
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From 1996 until 2005 he was the first director of EDN (European Documentary Network). From 2006 a freelance consultant and teacher in workshops like Ex Oriente, DocsBarcelona, Archidoc, Documentary Campus, Storydoc, Baltic Sea Forum, Black Sea DocStories, Caucadoc, CinéDOC Tbilisi, Docudays Kiev, Dealing With the Past Sarajevo FF as well as programme consultant for the festivals Magnificent7 in Belgrade, DOCSBarcelona, Verzio Budapest, Message2Man in St. Petersburg and DOKLeipzig. Teaches at the Zelig Documentary School in Bolzano Italy.

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