Dalsgaard og Zytoon: The War Show /6

The War Show vandt Venice Days award ved dette års Venedig Film Festival, den blev i går af den officielle jury valgt som dette års vinderfilm. Juryen lagde i sin bedømmelse vægt på, at “The War Show er en film, som giver et stærkt menneskeligt indblik i den komplekse krig i Syrien. Endvidere at det er en film, som alle burde se”.


“The War Show provoked an impassioned response from the jury. We were immediately struck by the political and social significance and urgency of the film, while also appreciating its daring and innovative approach to filmmaking. We deliberated on whether or not this harrowing documentary should be included alongside the rest of the Venice Days lineup, which was comprised of narrative fiction features. However, we came to the conclusion that the film worked on its own merits as an outstandingly crafted piece of cinema, not simply one that appealed to our moral conscience. The War Show is also an incredibly topical film that sheds light on an ongoing conflict that is too often ignored or misrepresented by the media. We believe it is a film that each and every one of us should see.”

De udenlandske anmeldere har også taget godt imod den danske filminstuktør Andreas Dalsgaards og den syriske filminstruktør og radio-dj Obaidah Zytoons dokumentarfilm. Screen Daily skriver: “…doesn’t just hit home, it does so with devastating force”, Varity skriver: “Essential… Highly personal yet universally affecting”, Hollywood Reporter skriver: “… the film manages to capture the hopes and fears of an entire generation…”, Huffington Post skriver: “A personal, insightful, entertaining, terrifying, melancholic, and brave journey inside Syria from the days of the revolution of 2011 to modern times…”

The Arab Times skriver: “Highly personal yet universally affecting… From the euphoria of protest to complete despair in the face of the unthinkable… While a number of documentaries from Syria discuss how the Assad regime specifically targets anyone holding a camera or filming with their phone… few apart from the The War Show specifically address how the camera changes the battles themselves… The War Show captures the scope of the tragedy while making the participants real.”

Filmen er nu på Toronto filmfestival, TIFF og vil senere blive vist i danske biografer, lover Line Bilenberg i sit nyhedbrev for producenten Fridthjof Film.


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Allan Berg Nielsen
Allan Berg Nielsen

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