Dongnan & Doran: The Sound of Vision

“I wasn’t sure if I felt special or left out”, Frank Senior reflects on a moment of realization of being blind. Thought-provoking and insightful, this 8-minute documentary, conceived as part of the International Documentary Challenge, captures a glimpse of a man’s journey in the world unseen. Blind from birth, a native New Yorker walks us through the city he has never seen. Alien to light, he finds colors in sounds, voices, and music.

A beautiful short film by aspiring New York-based filmmakers Dongnan Chen and Julia Doran, that is a PBS premiere, available online on POV until September 13, 2016.

Additional information: Frank Senior works as a guide at the Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in New York City. He leads groups of people through a tour of simulated Manhattan — specially constructed dark rooms in which sound, scent, wind, temperature, and texture convey the characteristics of the environment. In the world without pictures, “it is all about combining other senses and letting them come out and play.” Over 7 million people have experienced Dialogue in the Dark in over 30 countries and 130 cities worldwide.

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