Films to Remember

Tue Steen Müller and Allan Berg, the bloggers of this met during the holidays and agreed to make a list of films that have stayed in our minds. We have picked films that have been reviewed or noted on this site during 2010. Here follow the titles in alphabetical order, with a smart-link that will bring you to the longer text. We wish our readers a Happy New Year.

We remember


.. the tiny light changes in the photos of the prisoners, the refined sound design, the almost imperceptible camera movements, a characterisation of anger and dignity at the same time

All that Glitters

.. a character driven, informative and creative investigation into the conflict between man and nature, between business and environment, between profit and social security


.. the uncovering of the professionalised, raw and brutal internal jargon, the culture of soldiers in battle 


.. the close-up conversations between patients, the human ability to find beauty in difficult moments


.. the slow blocking of an apartment window for building of a wall, the leaving of a happy family time, the impossible peace between Israelis and Palestinians

Erotic Man

.. the eyes of the many naked women, their gazes, which all mirror the memory of a fine lover, female erotica

Paris Return 

.. two men in an apartment in Paris, trying to get rid of furniture and clothes from a time that is no longer there, preparing for the final farewell

Puskás Hungary

.. maybe THE biggest of them all, sitting old and mentally confused on his hospital bed watching football on television, it’s over

The Naked from St. Petersburg

.. the small child on a chair in a Russian kitchen reciting Pushkin, the soul of Russia

Way of Nature (PHOTO)

.. a farmer sleeping on his couch with a dog on his belly, radio report from Israeli bombing of Lebanon, harmony and no disturbance from outside world 

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Allan Berg Nielsen
Allan Berg Nielsen

Allan Berg Nielsen started the first documentary cinema in Randers, Denmark way back in the 1970’es. He did so at the museum, where he was employed. He got the (16mm) films from the collection of the National Film Board of Denmark (Statens Filmcentral). He organised a film festival in his home city, became a member of the Board of Directors of the Film Board, started to write about films in diverse magazines, were a juror at several festivals and wrote television critiques in the local newspaper. From 1998-2003 Allan Berg was documentary film consultant (commissioning editor) at The Danish Film Institute, a continuation of the Film Board. Since then free lance consultant in documentary matters.

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