Jonas Neuvonen: Reindeerspotting

CPH:DOX inviterer til snigpremiere på Reindeerspotting tirsdag 17. juli 21:30 i Gloria Bio, Rådhuspladsen 59. Billetter koster kun 50 kr. og kan købes/bestilles her!  

Tue Steen Müller gav i sin tid Reindeerspotting en indlevet og anerkendende anmeldelse. Han skrev blandt andet:  “One man behind the camera, a friend, himself on drugs, this is what makes the film attractive contrary to hundreds of well meaning ”don’t do it” drug addict films.

There is an intimacy in the relationship between the one who films and the one, who is being filmed. It is a relief when Jani is ready to leave fucking Finland to go abroad. This is where the film invites the viewer to experience tha classical journey of a young man, who wants to see and learn about the world. Free subutex drug in Paris, they are having a great time but when money is over, they have to go back and Jani ends up in prison, or as written, he ”is in and out” of prisons.

In terms of image, it looks (to use a Lars von Trier word about his new film) like shit and yet you take it all in, because it is a drama, well told in a personal and honest way. That is why people go to watch it, that must be the answer.” Dengang (august 2010) havde filmen i Finland solgt mere end 60.000 billetter i biograferne.

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Allan Berg Nielsen
Allan Berg Nielsen

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