Jørgen Leth: Interference

The Danish director Christoffer Boe writes in the box booklet:

” For one scene alone Interference is a must see. The scene: an extended medium close shot of Hanne Uldal, as The Woman, lying naked on the metal floor of a balcony. And no, it´s not because we´re looking at the best breasts in Danish cinema, but because her declaration of love is the purest image we have of a certain kind of male psyche. Sure, it´s The Woman speaking, but she is expressing The Man´s innermost desire.

His endless desire to combine woman´s total devotion and care with his own self-control and work achivement.

-Use me for anything. I want you to. I will massage your temples with a lemon.

-While I´m writing?

-Yes, while you´re writing.

Writing while a woman loves you – what more could you ask for!”

Jørgen Leth: Interference, Denmark 1983 in the DVD-edition The Jørgen Leth Collection 19-21, 2008. The box no. 4 contains Traberg, 1992, Interference and and A Midsummer Night´s Play, 1979.

All films in the Jørgen Leth Collection have English subtitles.


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