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I have quit my job, suspended my studies at KU, left my apartment in Copenhagen and moved away to USA for 8 months to do what I enjoy the most – to watch documentary films.

I learned that watching film is only a little part of the whole experience what can be obtained if you actually go to a film festival and meet filmmakers and producers, participate in Q and A sessions, go to the after parties etc.

My task is to visit at least 10 Documentary film festivals in USA and Canada and to present you a bunch of movies that are selected for festivals’ main competitions.

I will offer you film reviews, pictures, external links and ‘Behind the Scenes’ articles that will be based on Q and A sessions, filmmakers’ / producers’ interviews and more. Furthermore, I have already been to Sundance and it is amazing how much this film festival differs from the ones in Europe. Therefore I also decided to write about each film festival as such.

Lastly, I am a long-winded supporter of a two-way communication. Therefore I kindly ask you to participate in my journey. Do not hesitate to contact me with requests of all kinds, comment on my articles and please criticize me if you feel so.

Here is the list of Film Festivals I will cover:

1. Sundance Film Festival (January 19-29)


2. The Thin Line Film Festival (February 10-20)


3. True False Film Festival (March 1-4)


4. SXSW Film Festival (March 9-18)


5. American Documentary Film Festival (March 29-April 5)


6. Full Frame Film Festival (April 12-15)


7. Tribeca Film Festival (April 18-29)


8. Hot Docs Film Festival (April 26- May 6)


9. Doxa Film Festival (May 4- 13)


10. Los Angeles Film Festival (June 14-24)


11. Silverdocs Film Festival (June 18-24)


I hope that you will follow my adventures and that you are excited at least half as much as I am.

Photo: Geneve Animation Festival, October 2011, ready for the audience (Juste)

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Juste Eigminaite
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