Steffen Moestrup: Danske dokumentarister/2

Steffen Moestrups programserie på DR4 “Danske dokumentarister” fortsætter i  den kommende tid med følgende afsnit:

Nicole N. Horanyi 23. januar 14:30 (genudsendelse)

Jesper Ravn (FOTO) 23. januar 18:30

Mikala Krogh 27. januar 18:00 

Andreas Møl Dalsgaard 30. januar 14:00

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Allan Berg Nielsen
Allan Berg Nielsen

Allan Berg Nielsen started the first documentary cinema in Randers, Denmark way back in the 1970’es. He did so at the museum, where he was employed. He got the (16mm) films from the collection of the National Film Board of Denmark (Statens Filmcentral). He organised a film festival in his home city, became a member of the Board of Directors of the Film Board, started to write about films in diverse magazines, were a juror at several festivals and wrote television critiques in the local newspaper. From 1998-2003 Allan Berg was documentary film consultant (commissioning editor) at The Danish Film Institute, a continuation of the Film Board. Since then free lance consultant in documentary matters.

Articles: 821