Winners of CinéDOC-Tbilisi 2019

International Competition

Best Film –The Disappearance of My Mother (Photo) – by Beniamino Barrese

Jury statement – “This film openly talks about respect, dignity, beauty and honesty. The film makes us think about how we treat privacy and who has the right to use it, which is a very important question for any documentary film. An emotional insight into a relationship between mother and son.”

Beniamino Barrese, Director of The Disappearance of My Mother – “A million times thank you for this great uplifting warming cinematic and human experience. It was so great! Looking forward to meet you all again and hopefully share more cinematic and human experience… We are full of the beauty of the last days, travelling to Poland. I haven’t seen my mum so happy for a while and I’m so thankful of that to you all.”

Current Time TV Award – My father is My Mother’s Bother” by Vadim Ilkov

Kenan Alyiev, Executive Editor of Current Times TV – “The award goes to My Father is My Mother’s Brother by Vadim Ilkov. In this touching and intimate documentary the director shows the fragility of parental bonds, and the mystery that imbues the relationship between a child and an underground artist in a family struggling for happiness and normality. With this award we recognize the power of the director to speak about current realities with an artistic approach, and the deep understanding he brings to the characters.”

Special Jury Mention – Honeyland by Lubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska

Jury Statement–“Exceptional images in a simple story that opens many

philosophical issues. By observing small insects who have incredible ability of collaboration we discover the greed of our society. If everyone could take away half of what they need the world would be a better place…”

Focus Caucasus Competition

Best Film – Wound by Arthur Sukiasyan

Jury statement–“For its superb cinematic qualities in every scene, for its rhythm and balance and focus on humans who live in a place, where time seems to stand still, the jury has decided to award as the best film in the Focus Caucasus section Wound by Arthur Sukiasyan.”

Georgian Public Broadcaster Award – Before Father Gets Back by Mari Gulbiani

Jury statement –“For its warm cinematically skilful portray of two girls, who survive everyday troubles through love and phantasy, for bringing up a current theme in the world of today, the jury has decided to award Before Father Gets Back by Mari Gulbiani.”

Special Jury Mention – A Life of Her Own by Tamara Mshvenieradze –“For precisely, with beauty and solidarity, conveying the life of a woman full of energy and will to have a good life on her own, the jury has decided to give a special honorary mention to A Life of her Own by Tamara Mshvenieradze.”

MAC Georgia-Shuki Movida Award – A Life of Her Own by Tamara Mshvenieradze

MAC Georgia Shuki Movida Statement–“All three films in this category – A Fear of the Past, A Life of her Own, and In the Land of Wolves, evidenced strong technical skill and offered the audience meaningful insights into life with a disability. For its skilled and sincere telling of Nunuka’s courageous steps towards overcoming challenges and establishing a life that is independent, we are pleased to give this year’s award to Tamara Mshvenieradze’s film A Life of Her Own.”

CinéDOC- Young (audience award – by children)

Best Film–Life is a beach by Jens Pedersen

Civil Pitch 2019 Awards

Production Award (USD 3000) – Missing My Body – The Georgian Center for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT) – Nino Chimakadze and Alexander Kvatashidze

Jury Statement– “The production award is given to a project revealing the hidden sorrow of many Georgian families, told in a very original cinematographic way, adding different layers to the story.”

Development Award (USD 500) –Identity in Process – New Vector, Mariam Jibuti and Nino Memanishvili

Jury Statement – “Identity in Process is a special project for opening up a pressing issue in Georgian society, through a character who is looking for a hope in difficult circumstances.”

Current Time TV Award (1000 USD)–Vitali – Center for Participation and Development-Tamar Kapanadze and Keti Gigashvili

Kenan Alyiev, Executive Editor of Current Times TV – “The award the Civil Pitch the project with the title – Vitali. This is a Georgian project by Tamar Kapanadze and Keti Gigashvili that explores the rise of far-right extremism in Georgia. We hope the film helps people confront the rise of extremism, and its terrifying implications for Georgian democracy. This film is dedicated to Vitali, and Georgians need to know his story.”

New Talents Caucasus Awards

Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries Award –Ever Since I Know Myself, Maka Gogaladze

The Author of the project will participate at the Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries held in Riga, Latvia, in September 3-7, 2019

Zane Balcus, Pitching Forum Representative of Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries –“For a poetical and personal, memory driven story connecting past and present in an original, and visually complex form.”

Current Time TV Award (USD 1000)–Mothers, Sons and Homeland Leyli Gafarova

Sergei Trofimov – Acquisition and Commissioning Manager of Current Time TV– “The film uses the stories of two families, two mothers and their sons, to try and understand a country still living between peace and war. Current Time always supports new talent, new voices, from some of the most difficult places, and today we are very proud to recognize Leyli Gafarova, this new talent from Azerbaijan.”

Eurasiadoc Awards

Beauty and the Lawyer by Hovhannes Ishkhanian


Cadillac Dreams by Elene Mikaberidze

Mariam Chachia, Representative of Eurasiadoc– Eurasiadoc is a French programme which helps documentary filmmakers to transform their ideas to the films. This year Eurasiadoc is awarding prizes for one Georgian and one Armenian filmmaker. These authors will have the possibility to attend two weeks scriptwriting residency and develop their projects with EurasiaDoc trainers. Two brave projects grabbed our attention. They tell us stories about the fight for freedom. Even though the characters of the projects are totally different from each other, all of them choose to fight for equality and they try to break down the boarders which are made by humans. The prizes of Eurasiadoc 2019 for the Georgian residency goes to the project Cadillac Dreams by Elene Mikaberidze. The prize for Eurasiadoc 2019 for the Armenian residency goes to the project Beauty and the Lawyer by Hovhannes Ishkhanyan.”

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Tue Steen Müller
Tue Steen Müller

Müller, Tue Steen
Documentary Consultant and Critic, DENMARK

Worked with documentary films for more than 20 years at the Danish Film Board, as press officer, festival representative and film consultant/commissioner. Co-founder of Balticum Film and TV Festival, Filmkontakt Nord, Documentary of the EU and EDN (European Documentary Network).
Awards: 2004 the Danish Roos Prize for his contribution to the Danish and European documentary culture. 2006 an award for promoting Portuguese documentaries. 2014 he received the EDN Award “for an outstanding contribution to the development of the European documentary culture”. 2016 The Cross of the Knight of the Order for Merits to Lithuania. 2019 a Big Stamp at the 15th edition of ZagrebDox. 2021 receipt of the highest state decoration, Order of the Three Stars, Fourth Class, for the significant contribution to the development and promotion of Latvian documentary cinema outside Latvia. In 2022 he received an honorary award at DocsBarcelona’s 25th edition having served as organizer and programmer since the start of the festival.
From 1996 until 2005 he was the first director of EDN (European Documentary Network). From 2006 a freelance consultant and teacher in workshops like Ex Oriente, DocsBarcelona, Archidoc, Documentary Campus, Storydoc, Baltic Sea Forum, Black Sea DocStories, Caucadoc, CinéDOC Tbilisi, Docudays Kiev, Dealing With the Past Sarajevo FF as well as programme consultant for the festivals Magnificent7 in Belgrade, DOCSBarcelona, Verzio Budapest, Message2Man in St. Petersburg and DOKLeipzig. Teaches at the Zelig Documentary School in Bolzano Italy.

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